Chemistry 232, Quantitative Analysis

Professor Robert G. Michel (Lecture Instructor)
Dr. Larry Springsteen (Laboratory Instructor)
Department of Chemistry
University of Connecticut

Lecture Notes


 Optics for Instrumentation
photomultiplier tubes

Handout on Atomic Spectrometry

  • Gravimetric Analysis


Statistical Tables ("F", "Q" and "t" tests)

NIST Data Sheet for Standard Reference Material 1646
(Estuarine Sediment)

Equations that are provided in examinations (bring a copy with you to the examination)

Electrode potentials, half reactions, atomic weights, etc. (bring a copy with you to examinations, as appropriate)


This links to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Standard Reference Materials (SRM) web page. Here data sheets can be found for all current SRMs.

The following documents address some key statistical operations in analytical chemistry:

Linearity of calibration curves 

Is my calibration curve linear?

Compensation for interferences

 The estimation and use of recovery factors

Round Robin methods:

How to combine proficiency test results with your own uncertainy estimate - zeta scores

The above three documents were obtained from the web site of the Analytical Methods Commitee (AMC) of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), where other Technical Briefs on statistical methods in analytical chemistry can be found.


This site at University of Ackron has some fairly complete lecture notes by Prof. James K. Hardy. This should be useful for supplementary reading and examples:

Another site that has some quicktime movies and animations of analytical instrumentation is that of Prof. Thomas G. Chasteen at the Sam Houston State University.

Other sites of interest can be found at the following page: Chemistry sites of interest for analytical chemistry